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About Us

We're a content publishing and curation platform that enables collective knowledge transfer within an organization.
We help companies perform better by having more informed, knowledgeable, and engaged stakeholders.

Plumaz allows the organization’s leaders, employees and stakeholders to bring together ideas, lessons learned, gained knowledge, and external sources of relevant information, issues and trends affecting the business; making them available to every employee, including non-desk and remote workers, for better decision making and as a trigger for innovation.

Plumaz incorporates social media and gamification elements to increase usage and engagement.

We believe in the power of storytelling as a way to engage and inspire audiences; and, in giving recognition to those who share the most relevant knowledge, determined based on their colleagues' interactions, enhancing their visibility and influence.

Knowledge Transfer

Unlock innovation by sharing your collective knowledge

An organization's competitive advantage relies on its collective knowledge; people are a key asset. Once they merge, goals will be successfully accomplished and outcomes will be amplified

Publication and Curation

The evolution of capturing, sharing, and accessing knowledge within an organization

Because publishing information, curating content, and sharing it doesn't need to be boring or difficult. We've brought some of the most recent developments in consumer apps to the organization. It's about time!


Engage and inspire your audience

Storytelling is a powerful way to engage and inspire your employees. Share your vision, tell your story.

Plumaz: better informed, knowledgeable, and engaged stakeholders

Our Solution


Technology is worthless if people don't feel compelled to use it. Our foundation is in giving recognition and visibility to those that generate and share the most relevant knowledge.


A key to a successful adoption of new things is making the interaction with the new technologies fun and interesting, while relevant. We've incorporated gamification to encourage participation.

Mobile App

We help reach every employee of an organization, not just those with access to a PC or that have corporate emails.


If you're sharing your knowledge it is important to be able to see the positive impact it is having on other colleagues. Each user has access to detailed analytics to monitor how they're influencing others. Administrators gain powerful insights to help uncover hidden potential stars.

Mobile App


Plumaz is cloud-based which means there's no need for internal complex or costly installations. It can be setup and running in as little as a few minutes.


We take security and information confidentiality very seriously. They are one of our main concerns. We don't claim ownership of your content.


Our top priority is the people using Plumaz. We care about making things as intuitive and as pleasant as possible. Enough of clunky and outdated enterprise systems!


Yes, in today's world language is still unfortunately often a barrier. Plumaz is currently available in:





Contact Information

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Address: 4775 Collins Ave. #2508, Miami Beach, FL, 33140

Phone: (786) 294-6230


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